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Parking And Traffic Citations

Please be aware of all posted parking signs as parking is restricted in most areas, especially in Southern California.  Many intersections are also equipped with automatic cameras that capture a picture of the vehicle, the vehicle’s license plate and the driver’s face—so it is not advisable to drive through a red light unless it is not safe to stop because of cars coming up behind you.

If you are not familiar with driving laws in California or Nevada, please refer to the following websites for more information:

California Department of Motor Vehicles:  California Driver Handbook

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles:  Nevada Driver’s Handbook 

The state laws of California and Nevada and federal transportation laws require the use of safety belts while in a motor vehicle by any person driving and any passenger weighing more than 60 pounds (27 kg).  Children under the age of 6 years or weighing less than 60 pounds (27 kg) must ride in an approved child safety seat.

Also please note that it is illegal in the state California to use a cell phone (unless a hands-free device is used), text, instant message (IM) or email while driving.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also illegal in both California and Nevada and a violation of the Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car Rental Terms & Conditions.

Even if you rent a car from us and you live in another state or country, you are responsible for all parking and traffic citations received while you are in possession of our vehicle.  This is clearly stated in our Rental Terms & Conditions and item #6 on our standard Rental Agreement, and we also reserve the right to charge the credit card we have on file for you for the amount of the citation plus a $100.00 administration fee. 

If you receive a parking citation, a copy of the citation will be sent to Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car from the issuing authority because Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car is the registered owner of the rental vehicle.  As a courtesy to you, Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car will pay for the citation upon receipt, and we will then charge the cost of the citation plus a $100.00 administration fee to the credit card we have on file for you for that particular rental.

In the case of a traffic citation, the violation is written against your driver’s license, no matter where you reside—California, Nevada, another state or another country.  Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car receives a copy of the citation because it is the registered owner of the rental vehicle, but you are personally responsible for paying the fine/s to the issuing authority and/or making any required court appearances as required by the traffic citation.  Even though you may pay the fine/s directly to the issuing authority, Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car reserves the right to charge a $100.00 administration fee to the credit card we have on file for that particular rental.

Please note that it may take several weeks after you have returned your rental car to us before we receive a parking or traffic citation and charge your credit card for any of the fees outlined above. 

If you would like us to send you a copy of your revised rental agreement with the added parking or traffic citation charges made to your credit card, please send an email to

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